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Mrs. Teacher was soon discharged from service,
on the basis of administratively irregular,
"poor" evaluations—this despite
continual improvement in her students' test scores. …
It's the PARENTS Who Are Illegitimate

The term Catholic Sex-Education has a variety of meanings, dependent upon the assumptions of those using it. Those exercising their assumptions, sometimes little thought-out about so intimate a subject, include:

The importance of sex-education is nearly universally recognized, but poorly defined in most people's minds. To most it means some combination of It's the PARENTS Who Are Illegitimate

There is agreement on all sides of the sex-education issue about the prime goals of shielding children from lethal diseases and life-limiting early parenthood; yet the sex-education establishment has little to show for its self-proclaimed expertise and its claim to exclusive competence in the area of human sexuality. Over the greater than 50 years that Planned Parenthood has taken the leadership in opposing the churches' traditional treatment of human sexuality, there have been vast expenditures of governmental and foundation grant monies for sex-education and pregnancy prevention, but

These are problems that did not exist at nearly the present level of intensity before Planned Parenthood sponsored development of the Pill and instituted sex-education programs that contradict traditional Monotheistic value systems.

After a frank look is taken at the tandem history of contraception and the sexual revolution, common-sense reactions range from

Planned Parenthood's own Harris survey on sex-education showed that disease and pregnancy problems are most unlikely among children brought up in moderately strict, religious households where there is parental supervision. Yet Planned Parenthood and other sex-education programs have consistently sought to

These trends in the majority, secular culture's treatment of sex-education are in nearly direct opposition to the central tenets of the Catholic religion and the Adobe Acrobat files beliefs held by the mainline Protestant denominations before 1930. The contrast between the Planned Parenthood and the Catholic treatment of children's human sexuality education needs is so striking that they could be reasonably said to be complete opposites.

Common sense would seem to dictate that there should be some compromising of both sides' seemingly extreme views. Yet Planned Parenthood shows no signs of calling a truce in its long-standing opposition to traditional Catholic teachings on human sexuality; and the Catholic Church would have long ago disappeared as a significant force in the life of society if it had compromised its central beliefs.

Either the Church's or Planned Parenthood's vision for the treatment of human sexuality in society will likely prevail, one to the nearly complete exclusion of the other.

Given the consistent long-term increase in serious social problems associated with human sexuality in a period of massive change in society's values, it needs to be recognized that there has been no significant benefit from attempts at melding secular and religious education programs for human sexuality; and any imagined, attempted marriage between Christianity and Planned Parenthood is extremely unlikely to produce such benefits. Either the Church's or Planned Parenthood's vision for the treatment of human sexuality in society will likely prevail, one to the nearly complete exclusion of the other.

These remarks will then present the little-understood Catholic teachings on human sexuality education in the belief that there is value in remaining faithful to a religious tradition that has maintained its identity for two millennia in opposition to dominant secular values. When the infant Jesus was first presented to the world at the temple in Jerusalem, His mother was told that he would be "a sign of opposition destined for the falling and rising of many." These remarks will then proceed with the assumption that there is good to be found in an affirmative, "pro-active" Catholic human sexuality education that is completely distinct from majority-secular sex-education.

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