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Planned Barrenhood Has a Not-Very-Complimentary View of `What You Have on Your Mind` – or – Always `Thinking with the Glands` Never Did Much for the Personality

Planned Barrenhood has a very low view of human nature. (This is in contrast with the true liberation the Catholic Church offers from bondage to animal passions.) The self-appointed experts of this pregnancy prevention establishment should have been out of business many hundreds of millions of dollars ago, if they were doing truly worthwhile service to society.

Their sex education programs are based on the presumption that kids are going to “do it”*. But there are several problems with this approach, revealed by recent studies of the sex habits of real people (not Dr. Kinsey’s warped population samples from the edges of society):

Announcing the End of the Labor Shortage - but for those who can't wait that long, the San Francisco Job Expo

Real life stands in total contradiction, to Planned Barrenhood’s consistent policies of devaluing the influence of parents and the churches. (Perhaps they have something more in mind than just pregnancy and disease prevention?) P.B. is conspicuously ignorant of the looming labor shortage, a normal business presumption in the Human Resources field. (Either you can have a “population-explosion” or a social security crisis, but not both – choose only one of the above).

Upswing in Illegitimacy just when the Pill came out

It would seem to be up to the more business-like sectors of society to start reassessing our priorities. The grievous failures of the “experts’ ” social engineering programs are now broadly acknowledged. (Minority illegitimacy rates were lower before the Pill, than majority rates are now.)

Planned Barrenhood’s low view of humanity betrays its secret service to the Enemy of souls. Their strategy is to get millions of people to forget that they are created in the image and likeness of God. The popular attitude that people are only animals perpetually in heat, first began to take hold with the 18th century enlightenment philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau, who “made sexual appetite … a criterion of human value.”

Idiotic leer of continual sexual arousal

The social revolution of the 1960s transformed the deviant attitudes of the elites into standard fare for the masses; the present, everyday implication of this change for human relations, is the attitude that “anyone who is not maximally sexually aroused at all times is some kind of freak.”

Planned Barrenhood is scandalized by the example of Jesus Christ’s total self-giving – their concept of humanity’s ultimate destiny is really that of the stone-age, copulatory demon-idol, reduced to a state of idiocy by perpetual sexual arousal.

*Ode to It: Playboys do it with flair, poets do it with wit; I know I shouldn’t care, but what the heck is “It”?

© 2000 William Keevers

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