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With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Rocket Scientists Regulating People's
Relations with their Posterity

The Peoples of China were forced to undergo the cruelties of the One Child Policy because of the subordination of the social and biological sciences to technicians of the hard sciences, Aeronautical Engineers - Rocket Scientsts.

Treating human beings with souls as if they were machines

Song Jian, Deng Xiaoping, and Mao Tsedung

"For more than a century, the Chinese have used the word 'science' to refer not just to the study of the natural world but also to a way of thinking that is supposed to be rational, objective, and modern. In a nation disillusioned by Mao's utopian fantasies, [Deng Xiaoping's] emphasis on science as the party's new touchstone was a political masterstroke. But as anthropologist Susan Greenhalgh Adobe Acrobat files has shown, the leadership's blind faith in science led it to adopt an extreme solution to a [perceived] problem that … could have been managed in other ways. At the center of the process was a group of eminent rocket scientists, men who had been sheltered from Mao's campaigns, who had access to computers and international journals, and who were supremely confident in their own abilities. Chief among them was the cyberneticist Song Jian Adobe Acrobat files who later served as minister of science and technology. These men viewed the population as a machine to be fine-tuned by engineers like themselves, not a society of humans with rights, values, and preferences. In 1979, they made the mistake of accepting as mainstream science the most alarmist theories of overpopulation and ecological crisis then circulating in the West. They used weak data, plugged them into formulas adapted from their missile optimization work, and created population models and forecasts that gave the illusion of fact. Then, over the objections of other scholars, they used these 'scientific' results to persuade the leadership that China faced a grave crisis and that immediate implementation of a one-child program was the 'only way' to avoid environmental disaster and meet Deng's economic goals." - Philip P. Pan, Out of Mao's Shadow: The Struggle for the Soul of a New China, pp. 302-303.